Lotus Eletre

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Product Photography

Year, industry

2023, Automotive


Highlighting the Appeal of the Lotus Eletre

Our objective with this project was to showcase the bold and unique Lotus Eletre that has recently launched in Korea. Our challenge was to create a series of images that capture the car's distinctive features and highlight its appeal to the young and adventurous generation.

A Bold Car for Bold Personalities

We're excited to showcase the newest car sensation in Korea - a bold, beautiful Lotus Eletre. It's perfect for the young, adventurous generation that loves to make a statement.

Capturing the Essence of Fearless Youth

Our talented photographers rose to the challenge, producing stunning images that showcase the car's sleek lines, luxurious interior, and unmistakable style. Through their lens, they brought to life the car's unique personality and its ability to make a statement.

Celebrating Uniqueness and Fearlessness

As a result of our photo project, we aim to celebrate individuality and inspire the young generation to embrace their unique sense of style. We hope to encourage them to dare to be different, to stand out in the crowd, and to express their fearless personality through the things they love.